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Semi Built-In Dishwasher


We’ve created a compact dishwashing and dryer machine that can be built into your kitchen with an exterior control panel so you can adjust settings even when it’s operating.


Stop spending hours of the day hunched over the sink and start getting your kitchen in perfect shape the effortless way.

Noise Levels

44 dB

Delay Start

1-24 h

Number of Programs


Water Consumption

11 l

Dimensions (HxWxD)

815x598x580 mm

Wortex Wash

Placed at the bottom of the tub our innovation vortex wash creates an intensive area in the dishwasher. Greasy or baked-on pots can now be cleaned more deeply, without being worried about your delicate glasses placed in the upper basket.

Compact Detergent Dispenser

The compact profile of the detergent dispenser with a sliding lid allows for the minimization of its mounting space thus offering larger interior space and more flexibility for baskets in the dishwasher.

Aqua Vault

To be water conscious a smart water management system is applied to reduce water consumption by more than 35% while still offering the same great cleaning result.