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Condenser Dryer


Get your clothes feeling dry and fluffy in moments with the best energy-efficient clothes dryer around, boasting two-way tumbling and a failure detection system to keep you in control.


You’ll love the convenient filter clean indicator and range of special drying programs that ensure a perfect result every time.

Load Capacity in kg


Drum Volume

112 l

Yearly Energy Consumption

561 kWh

Noise Levels

65 dBA

Drum Type

Ornate Drum


845x596x609 mm

Special Dry Programs

Bed Linen • Cotton • Blanket • Easy Ironing • Blended • Outerwear • Delicate • Synthetics• Wool • Sportswear

Two Way Thumbiling

For the perfect drying, the drum will rotate in multiple directions

Eco Friendly

Equipped with a new and powerful motor, your drying will be powerful, quiet and energetically efficient.

Ornate Drum

The new drum pattern provides greater protection for your drying. Provides gentle drying for your clothes.

Express Dry

Save time with the new Express Dry functionality, and achieve better energy efficiency.