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9KG 1400 RPM


The new Ökostar is Sleek, modern, and technologically advanced, this class-A energy-efficient washing machine is an optimal appliance for couples and families. Featuring an 9kg capacity, a maximum spin speed of 1400 rpm, a standard cycle time of 218 minutes, and a wide range of wash programs, it guarantees to return all your laundry fresh and clean

Load Capacity in kg


Centrifuge Speed

1400 rpm

Energy Class


Noise Levels

76 dBA

Engine Type

Serene Drive

Wash Programs


Special Wash Cycles

Mix, Super Quick, Wool, Shirt, Bedding, Bedding, Sportswear, Cotton, Prewash, Spin ECO40-60, Delicate Drum Clean Steam program s

Programs and Feature

Ornate Crystal Drum

A new ökostar MATURA Ornate Crystal Drum pattern provides greater protection for your laundry and gently washes your clothes.
The special feature of the drum is its strength and reliability under constant loads and temperature extremes. It’s a completely new drum design that provides greater washing protection while gently washing your laundry. It is made from an ornate crystal drum containing high quality mix of plastic and stainless steel. It works almost silently and is economical.

Efficient and Quiet

Matura ökostar washing machine will make open plan living a lot more peaceful. Since we’ve all spent a lot more time at home over the past few years, we may be more in tune with the background noises, which seem to fill our homes – Matura works so anything we could do to lower the decibels in our household would be a welcome addition. With an A grade for energy consumption, this machine goes a step further and offers load detection. This measures the load you’ve added and makes sure it uses just the right amount of water, so none gets wasted.

Serene BLDC Drive Motor

The Serene Inverter Motor is energy efficient, powerful and quiet. The new generation of Matura washing machines ensures efficient operation with this technology. Compared to induction motors, Serena BLDC drive motors in washing machines produce less heat, which results in less electricity consumption and greater efficiency. By using the Serena BLDC motor-driven washing machine, we save on your electricity consumption compared to a conventional motor-driven appliance.