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White Combined Fridge-Freezer


This beautiful machine boasts both exquisite functionality and a minimal contemporary style that fits perfectly into any modern kitchen.


With a full fridge and full freezer, you’ll be able to stock up on all your favorite goodies without worry. It cools perishables rapidly while boasting brilliant energy efficiency that’s easy on the environment and your electricity bill.




516 l (339 l /177 l )



Freezer Capacity


Increased Space Efficiency

The shelves can be pulled out completely or in half, which means that you get space for taller pieces, such as bottles. Rearrange the space as you like and make some orders in your refrigerator. But that’s not all. The refrigerator also boasts a drawer in the freezer that can be pulled out completely, which makes it easier to fold and take larger pieces. Due to its special shape, it can be opened even when the refrigerator door is only open at a 90-degree.

Keep Food Cool and Fresher

Multi-vent technology evenly cools every shelf so you can eat healthier with food that stays fresher longer. Achieve the ideal temperature and keep it constant, even when the refrigerator is open.

Digital Inverter Technology

Enjoy greater energy efficiency, less noise, and long-lasting performance. The Digital Inverter Compressor automatically adjusts its speed in response to cooling demand.

No Frost Technology

Forget about tedious defrosting. Those times are gone. The NO FROST system evenly circulates cold air in the fridge and freezer and prevents the build-up of frost on the walls. This also has a positive impact on the total energy consumption and reduces the noise of the appliance. As a result, defrosting and cleaning of the freezer are longer necessary.