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French Door Refrigerator


  • Dual Cycle & Dual Air-Cooled System
  • High Moisture-Retention Technology
  • Wide Door Shelf
  • Twist Ice Cube Maker



Power Consumption

387 kWh/year

Refrigerator Volume

422 litters

Freezer Capacity

120 litters

Sound Level


Freezing Capacity

10 kg / 24h

Dimensions (WxDxH) mm


Net Weight / Gross Weight


Dual Cycle and Dual Air-Cooled System

The refrigerator and freezer compartment both contain an independent no frost refrigeration system which can really keep food fresh and moisturizing and also keep the inside temperature constant by meeting different storage requirements of food and different temperature range with an optional mode of strong cooling and high humidity. This will maintain humidity in each zone and avoid the taint of odor.

High Humidity Preservation System

By collecting and recycling evaporated water, the refrigerator compartment humidity can be increased to over 60%, keeping fruits and vegetables fresh for longer.

Large Double Fruit and Vegetable Box

Fruits and vegetables can be stored separately and kept fresh independently according to consumers’ needs.