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Front Loading
8kg 1400 rpm


We are proud to present an extremely quiet washing machine frontloader that’s packed full of stain-busting power with a straightforward and versatile operating system.


With 9 special washing programs to choose from, an ornate drum, and a double jet structure, you’ll have spotless laundry ready in moments from a compact and energy-efficient machine.

Load Capacity in kg


Centrifuge Speed

1400 rpm

Energy Class

Noise Levels

44 dBA

Engine Type

Serene Drive

Wash Programs


Special Wash Cycles

Eco • Cotton • Synthetics • Delicate • Wool/Silk • Ironing • Anti Allergy • Outerwear Program• Jeans

Ornate Drum

A new drum pattern provides greater protection for your washing. Provides gentle washing for your clothes.

Sensitive Control

Sensitive detergent/softener leveling according to the selected program and detected amount of laundry.

Double Jet System

Better washing performance is achieved by directly injecting water with detergent using a recirculation system and two nozzles connected to it.

Speed Wash

The shortest program ever! It is ideal for clothes “worn once”, which you need in a hurry.